Sweatshirt "Juicy Apple" — Sweatshirt "Juicy Apple"

Wall calendar 2023

Soodustus on lõppenud


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Wall calendar 2023 features imaginative and bright-edged original illustrations of well-loved plants from Northern nature. These include snowberry, snowdrop, oxalis, hepatica, chive, birch, clover, cucumber, nasturtium, boletus, rat’s-tail fescue, poppy, tulip and strawberry.

The wall calendar 2023 is large-format (370 x 520 mm), printed on matte surface Cradle to Cradle certificate paper. In white spiral binding with hanging loop. Packaged in a portable gift box, making it an ideal gift.

Design and illustration by Martin Veisman (Ruum 414).
Proudly produced in Estonia.

Appearance and content:

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 60 × 38 × 1 cm