Our story

Hi! We’re Hanna and Martin, and we’re the founders of our northern lifestyle brand Luste. Our goal is to bring everything we create to life and add joy and colors to our everyday lives.

We do it through our bold and unique illustrations that are inspired by northern nature. Our products vary from postcards to sweatshirts, and we’re always in the lookout for something new and exciting. 

Martin, the author of Luste illustrations, gets his inspiration from the surrounding nature. He’s studied painting at University of Tartu and graduated from Estonian Academy of Arts with a degree in graphic design. He now works a day job as a designer at the design agency Ruum 414, while also focusing on creating the identity of his company and branding. Creating Luste illustrations enables him to express himself creatively in addition to his day job. Martin won the ADC*E Designer of the Year Award at the 2020 Design Awards.

Hanna is inspired by creating something from scratch, and then growing and developing it. Although the illustrations are made by Martin, developing new designs and products are created as a couple together. 

We believe that together, we can make the world a better place, and we’re open for cooperation. For example, in cooperation with Fazer Eesti, we created some awesome longboards and shirts with fruit illustrations. With the designer and ceramist Raili Keiv, we created some shiny Christmas balls with daffodil patterns. With the lifestyle shop Slow, we made some “pea” shirts in silk-screen printing that we used to raise money for the Estonian Fund for Nature. We’ve participated in the art auction “Art Against War” held for the support of Ukraine in which our Globeflower illustration raised €800. We’re always open to new ideas!